A society is doomed to failure when it is based on ignorance and anarchy. This fact becomes more apparent when people are void of moral conduct and racial tension is high. In a society like this, the strong will oppress the weak and the rich will exploit the poor. Under such circumstances, the Prophet Muhammad s came forth to mankind with the Message of Islam. It spread rapidly. At first, many rejected it and tried their best to stop it from spreading. Oppressors knew quite well that this meant an end to their reign over the general population. Islam, the Message of God, frees the soul and mind from being enslaved to any individual.

One of the key characteristics of the Message of Islam is that it instructs people to seek education and to cast aside all vile acts. Racial supremacy - in all of its forms - was extinguished, for all people stand equal before God Almighty. Superiority, according to Islam, is not achieved by one’s color, race, or ethnic origin. On the contrary, it is only achieved through piety. The more one is God-fearing, the more beloved they are to God.

One Light, Many Colors

One Light, Many Colors, outlines the history of Bilal ibn Rabah, a former slave from Abyssinia, who became a companion of the Prophet s.

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Story of Bilal

Bilal honored not only Islam, but all of humanity, when he resisted the harshest forms of torture.

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Equality in Islam

Rulers and their subjects are all equal before Allah y. Regardless of the subtle differences between people, in Islam every Muslim is a brother to his fellow Muslim. The black and white, the Arab and non-Arab are all the same.

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Equality among Humankind

  • Protection of common rights regardless of one’s race, ethnicity or color.
  • People are equal in terms of law.
  • People are equal in terms of responsibilities, reward and punishment.
  • People are equal in human honor
  • People are equal in the sanctity of their blood, properties and belongings
  • People are equal in terms of seeking public office
  • People are equal in terms of using what has been placed at our disposal by the Creator
  • People are equal in terms of worshiping Allah y alone

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Allah has made us into nations and tribes, no one is favored over the other, and no race is better than the other.